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You have come to the right place if

You've come to the right place if

And you've also come to the right place for many more topics that depress or bother you like the famous stone in your shoe.

Hypnosis is a powerful method for deep relaxation and positive feelings promote changes in your subconscious. My training and experience as a hypnotist stand for the highest quality and professionalism. Of course, my clients' safety and well-being are always my top priority, your privacy is respected and every session is designed to give you a positive, transformative experience.

Discover how hypnosis works can enrich your life and take the first step towards positive change!

Read on to find out more about hypnosis and my services.

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Your sessions will take place in the relaxed atmosphere of Magic Place, (House for Holistic Health and Personal Development) in Lengerich. Your first session is to get to know each other and set your goals for hypnosis. I will ask you lots of questions so that we can discuss your expectations and any concerns you may have about hypnosis. I will then playfully show you how your subconscious mind reacts to suggestions and how natural it feels. Most people are surprised at this point and at the same time reassured by the gentle transition. Only when they are completely ready will we begin the actual hypnotic work.

You will not lose control of yourself during the hypnosis session or reveal any secrets you do not wish to share. The trance state can be compared to daydreaming or watching a movie. In the cinema, you know you are watching a movie, yet you may be frightened by an exciting movie or moved by a sad movie because your subconscious believes it to be real.

The hypnotist suggests ways that you can explore in trance to find resources and solutions within you and anchor them in your subconscious. As a result, new perspectives, emotions and reactions will quickly become second nature to you.

As your subconscious mind protects you, no information is revealed or actions taken that you do not want or would not normally do. You can wake up from the trance state, similar to waking up from a daydream, if necessary, for example due to a fire alarm.

The first session takes about two hours. The first hour is used to get to know each other and set the goals for the sessions. The actual trance part then lasts around 30-40 minutes. Subsequent sessions usually last one hour.

Many problems can be solved in 3-4 sessions, while other programs may require a little more time. To maximize the chances of success, I recommend that you carefully read and follow the instructions for hypnosis in the attached PDF document. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Caren van Lente

Born in 1965 near Utrecht, the Netherlands, I was drawn to France at an early age, at the age of 17 - the beginning of a lifelong journey of discovery through new countries, cultures, languages ​​and professional fields. These diverse experiences sharpened my understanding of body language and the subtle nuances of human emotions and intentions.

During my 20 years as a diving instructor, I realized how important it is to recognize on the surface whether students are fearful or nervous despite their claims . Forced silence underwater also requires an intuitive reading of my students' emotions to ensure their safety. I now use this sharpened sense as a hypnotist to better understand and help my clients.
I can draw on my own life experience, since as a 58-year-old I of course also have my spiritual ones and physical challenges.

I completed my first training as a hypnotist in Germany in 2017 in order to enable my diving students to have a relaxed training. Even experienced divers benefited from this by being able to dive much more relaxed and for longer periods - relaxation leads to calmer breathing and therefore more efficient use of air.
Since 2017, I haven't stopped educating myself.
I am currently completing training as a naturopath for psychotherapy in order to support my intuitive approach with sound, scientific knowledge.

I have been living in Germany with my husband, dog and cat since 2020. We found our new home in Lengerich (NRW) and I opened my practice within Magic Place (, a house for holistic health and personal development.

Interested in my training, certifications and recognitions? Find a list below.


Caren van Lente
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